Bad hair dye please help!

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Hey curlies, so a few weeks ago I dyed my hair with splat hair dye lucious raspberries and I loved it. the color was so bright and vivid and fit me perfectly. Problem is, I have blonde hair and after about five washes my hair turned to a horrible shade of pumpkin orange. I don't want to go through this trouble again, so I think I'm just going to stop coloring my hair. But in the meanwhile, IS THERE ANY WAY TO LIGHTEN THIS TERRIBLE COLOR? any help is appreciated!

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    Removing artificial colour pigments requires a bleaching product. You won't get that colour out by using another colour. You must use bleach.

    I'd recommend a professional do the job as it can be very damaging. If your hair is short and there isn't a lot if difference in level of darkness/lightness maybe you can try a bleaching shampoo at home. Mix hair bleach 1:1 with shampoo and work into your hair, watching carefully. It may take around 5 minutes to get the colour to lighten. Rinse and see how far it's gone. You may need to reapply. Your new lightened hair will now need to be re-tinted, which can pose another series of problems depending what colour you want to achieve.

    I posted this on my phone originally and now see your pic on my laptop.. you've got beautiful long hair which will undoubtedly suffer if you over process..

    If you absolutely HAD to go lighter, I would bite the bullet and see a pro. Make sure you book with a REAL colour specialist. Regular hair stylists often do not know what they're doing when it comes to colour correction.. it can be very tricky depending on the situation.

    I would really recommend not removing the orange and tinting over top with something non-damaging. I'd go pick up a temporary mousse in colour, like Goldwell Soft Color, or some other non-damaging temporary tint and refresh to that gorgeous rasperry shade you like so much. You won't be able to go lighter but you can cover the brassy orange and get the raspberry shade back.
    Then I'd use hair care methods and products that protect hair colour. And use the colour mousse when I need to zap the shade again.

    You will need to be dedicated to keeping the colour up every couple of weeks. I like the Goldwell product because it is so easy to use and only takes 15 minutes.. and it is super conditioning.

    Good luck!

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