I am so tried of braiding my hair any body got any ideas for a new hair do

kool-aid girlkool-aid girl Registered Users Posts: 4
My hair is 3b or 3a and the only thing I can do with it is braid it and i am geting tired of it.


  • KayKay234KayKay234 Registered Users Posts: 23
    You could put it in a side pony tail, or a ponytail with a head band. My favorite thing to do with my hair is to pull it into a low ponytail, and take one of those bigger jaw clips and clip it up and letting about four inches of your hair fall over the top of the clip. then put a little mousse or gel on it so it doesn't get puffy. Wearing it down is a great option too :D
  • Aerogirl530Aerogirl530 Registered Users Posts: 135
    do wash and gos , there easy and its a great out the door style, im transitioning if you would like to see how go to youtube and simply type it in and tons of results shud come up

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