Foot calluses help!!

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When i was about 22 I got a callus on the top of my 4th toe on my right foot. I'm thirty now and it has never gone away.

recently i had a pair of shoes that cut into my foot at the big joint below my big toe on the same foot and i got a callus as well. i wore the shoes for a few months and then got rid of them about a month ago. but i still have the callus... :-(

how can i get rid of these things? i have used a cuticle clipper to cut them off but then the skin is pink (and sometimes i cut too much so i bleed) but they always grow back. i've also tried moisturizing often. and now i'm trying to avoid ill-fitting or heeled shoes altogether.

the skin isn't calluses aren't super hard but rather these pinkish ovular shaped things that i despise! they're like a monster in a dream that won't die no matter how many times you kill it! all i want pretty feet!!!

i've seen some internet posts that advise wearing good fitting shoes and soaking your feet in warm water everyday religiously for ten or twenty minutes and then scrubbing your feet with a pumice stone followed by using a rich moisturizer and then wearing socks to hold the moisture in. Supposedly, after 2-3 months of this consistent routine the calluses will go away....anyone know if that is true?

anyone have any success stories?? please help!!
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