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I'm the recruitment director for the sorority I'm in. I was speaking to one of the ladies from nationals about recruitment week (or "rush" week) and dress code. She was like "suggest that everyone straightens their hair so you all look neat" :shock:. I explained how I felt that curly hair can look very neat and she at least saved herself by saying that not everyone knows how to treat their curls properly so it could look messy. I understand what she's go for but still... :?
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    No offense, but I live in a college town, and it seems to me that most of the sorority girls look the same anyway. I can't imagine someone wanting to make them look even more alike. I have not seen a single girl with curls on sorority row.
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    None taken, I do agree that many sororities tend to have girls that look identical. All the sororities on my campus break that norm. We are all completely different and most are not "sorority type" (hate that term..ew).
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    My college had stereotypical sorority girls...except that they were actually smart. They just liked to act ditzy, apparently because they thought it made them seem less threatening to men. My campus's Greek system wasn't unpopular, anyway.