Office pot lucks -- what are your favorite dishes to bring that have protein in them?

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My department likes to do potluck lunches. I've noticed that the other supervisors try to bring something with protein, to give decent "meal" options, since many people bring desserts and side dishes (which is fine, since it's pot luck after all. So I am thinking that I need to follow suit and try to do better by bringing a more substantial contribution to the potlucks. I know that egg salad, chicken salad, tuna salad are some relatively quick and easy ways to bring a dish with protein.

The suggestions I'm looking for don't have to be mostly protein (like the salads mentioned above), they can have rice, pasta, etc. in them too.

I love using my crockpot. I guess I am challenge with bringing a hot dish that would need to be warmed up, since microwaves are scarce in supply and small in size i the office.

I really appreciate any suggestions and/or links to recipes. Thanks!
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    Meatballs, baked beans, baby ribs? All easy to do in a crockpot.
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    Deviled Egg are always a big hit. They are inexpensive, easy to make and you can make them a million different ways.

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    I do roll ups. I use tortillas (sometimes flavored) and I make up different spreads. Hummus, guac, or my fav-cream cheese/sour cream and then a dry salad dressing or soup packet.

    I "ice" the tortillas with whatever spread and since I do not eat pork or beef, I use sliced deli turkey and lay a couple of pieces in and roll tightly. I wrap each in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight in a gallon ziploc bag. A few minutes before the event, I slice into 1" slices and arrange on a colorful plate.
    I know that I made it sound harder than it is. It is like a bite sized sandwich.
    You could wrap around asparagus spear, add shredded cheese, use ham, beef. Really just whatever sounds good will work.
    People always thank me for bringing them becasue it is something more than a snack or dessert.
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