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The latest remedy I tried today worked wonders! I've really dry, poofy, unruly and flaky hair. I have died it multiple times (many harmful ways too which got me a whole lot of split ends and dry hair)
I use a lot of hair products as well. Just a few days back I used a smoothing cream and a silk and thermal spray prior to straightening my hair. Then without washing the products out I used a curling mousse when I was tired of the straight look. Must have been a miserable week for my hair! Anyway enough talking, lol.
I used a home remedy which moisturized my dry hair and reduced the frizziness:

1) 1 Egg
2) 1 tbsp Castor oil
3) 1 tbsp Olive oil
4) 1 tbsp Coconut oil

I mixed all the ingredients together in a bowl and spread it throughly through my hair. Making sure I get it on the scalp too. I kept it on for 40 minutes then washed it off with a non-alcohol shampoo (shampoo w/ alcohol damages your hair. Most good smelling shampoos contain alcohol)

If you have any other hair remedies that you like to use, please post them here! I'm sure it'll be really helpful.


  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Registered Users Posts: 1,354 Curl Neophyte
    my fav one that worked really well was, 2 egg yokes, olive/rosemary oil, aleo vera tea tree and honey, but tonight i think im gonna do somthing with coconut cream and do a final marshmallow rinse :)

    my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
    my hair loves conditioner only styling!
    Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
    my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Dry hair:
    - Water is the best moisturizer
    - Water + Oil (olive, coconut, castor, avocado, etc.) Olive and coconut oil is known to be able to penetrate hair. Others just seal moisture in.
    - Oil + conditioner makes a more moisturizing deep conditioner.
    - Adding salt to conditioner (Counterintuitive, but there was a thread [An Accidental Moisturizing Mojo or something] about adding salt to conditioner actually made their hair feel silkier and softer)
    - SMT (Snowymoon Hair Treatment)
    - Honey is a humectant and very moisturizing
    - Aloe vera juice/gel is too
    - Egg yolk
    - Glycerin (CAREFUL: works both ways) is
    - Bananas (preferably baby food kind) may leaves bits and pieces if not blended and rinsed properly. RISKY.
    - Avocado. Ditto.
    - Conditioner for long periods of time.
    - Baggying.
    - Steaming
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Oily/Greasy hair:
    - Cornstarch or baby powder (light hair) and cinnamon (dark hair) can soak up oil when drizzled onto dry hair then brushed out.
    - Less diluted baking soda rinses.
    - Sulfate free shampoos.
    - Denman or boar bristle brushes to distribute oil.
    - washing more often for fast effects.
    - washing less often for slower but long lasting effects by waiting for hair and scalp to adjust.
    - Tea rinses can have drying effects on hair.
    - CO washing may remove excess oil.
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Over-conditioned hair:
    Protein Treatments
    - Egg whites (may cook in hair if rinsed with warn water)
    - Soy sauce (may smell)
    - Peanut butter (?)
    - Gelatin (IAGirl's)
    - Protein products
    - Coconut milk/cream
    - Hydrolyzed (wheat, silk, keratin,etc.)
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Limp/Flat/Lank hair: Volume
    - Volumizing products (Duh)
    - Clipping (less water weight, gravity)
    - Changing Parting to the opposite direction
    - Applying products upside down
    - Plopping (helps if face is facing cloth, face horizontal not vertical, if that makes sense)
    - Lighter or no products
    - No conditioner on scalp
    - backcombing (bad)
    - blowdrying upside down (bad)
    - Pineapple
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Porosity Problems:
    Porous hair:
    - sealing moisture in with oils
    - less heat
    - Acidic rinses seals the cuticle
    - Vinegar rinses

    Low Porosity:
    - Alkaline rinses open shaft
    - Baking soda
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Dullness: Add shine + color
    - Acidic/Vinegar rinses smooth the cuticle and reflects light better
    - A SMALL amount of oil
    - Color/Shine enhancing products
    - Rinses

    Red: Rooibos tea, Beet juice, red tea, carrot juice, hibiscus tea, rosehip tea, paprika, marigold tea, Madder Root, apple cider vinegar, cinnamon, Alkanet, Henna Gloss,

    Black/Dark brown: Black tea, cinnamon, Black coffee, walnut hulls, sage, rosemary, pu erh tea

    Blonde/light brown: Chamomile tea, Marigold, lemon, honey, rhubarb, turmeric
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Too Much Shrinkage: More weight
    - Use heavier products
    - Apply products right side up
    - MSM can loosen hair.
    - So can baking soda.
    - Henna
    - Seal moisture in to increase water weight.
    - Ex. Oils, butters,

    No Visible Pattern: Curl Definition
    - Curl defining products
    - Use product with hold
    - Plopping
    - Scrunching
    - Clipping
    - ACV rinses
    - Honey
    - Flax Seed Gel
    - Amla
    - Shingling (?)
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Stringy Hair: Clumping
    - SuperSoaker Method
    - Denman/Boar Bristle Brush
    - Wide Tooth Comb
    - Raking/ Finger detangling
    - Scrunch and squeeze
    - Less Manipulation
    - Not too much styling product
  • KeihsKeihs Registered Users Posts: 435 Curl Neophyte
    Too much clumping:
    - Finer tooth comb
    - Rake products in
    - Use more product (?)
    - Finger twirls
    - Shingling (?)

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