Newbie with Questions

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While I am a 2, my 6 year old daughter is definitely a 3. We have had many struggles with detangling her hair. I want to go full CG with her, but need help.

I have seen people recommend Sauve Naturals and VO5. Are these sulfate and silicone free?

I'm pretty sure we need to wet her hair with something in the morning. Do you recommend the lavender spray, the watered down conditioner spray, or both?

I have been using a wide tooth comb on her hair. Are you able to get the tangles out without using a comb? Any tips on that?


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    My 4 yr old is a 3a/b and I use kinky curly products on her (knot today and curling custard). She sleeps on a satin pillowcase to reduce tangles and I use a denman brush as her main styling tool.

    Blame it on the cell phone...