dreaded halo of frizz

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No matter how much I try to calm my 4 year old daughter's halo of frizz, it comes back throughout the day, we live in humid Florida. But I spray her down with lavendary spray, One Condition watered down in a spray bottle, but her coarse hair doesn't respond. Anyone have any other ideas? We use Fuzzy Duck Shampoo/Conditioner and sulfate/silicone free styling products. She's probably mostly a 2B with 3A curls framing her face. any thoughts or suggestions very appreciated!
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    Before bet wet it with watersd down conditioner and french braid it. Have her sleep on a satin pillow case and when jshe wakes up take it out and rake through some leave in. PS most frizz is caused by dry hair

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    have you tried kinky curly curling custard? good stuff.