Haircut questions

curlygirl9curlygirl9 Posts: 8Registered Users
Hey follow curlies. I have very long 3b hair. I know having length helps with frizzes and keeping it from being too poofy, but i would really like a more interesting hairstyle. got any ideas?


  • KorkscrewKorkscrew Posts: 1,834Registered Users
    Just IMO as a 3b/c, multi-textured and medium porosity: Had hair to my waist for years and just recently decided it was time for a change. Got rid of some but not all of the length in back and decided to get layers cut everywhere.

    Layers offer volume and give hair a sense of interest and movement IMO. I also noticed that my hair is so much lighter in weight now, which has equated to fewer headaches (I have LOTS of hair). Lighter curls also resulted in my hair curling up more.

    But it can be a double-edged sword depending on how your hair handles layers and how the layered cut is executed IMO. The fewer layers you get, plus the closer those layers are in length to one another, the less you risk unpredictable behavior from curls that don't quite blend together well and break up your curl pattern. ... Or you can get a bunch of layers all over and just accept that you might deal with some lack of definition in places and frizz. If frizz bothers you a lot, you may opt for more conservative layers, or no layers at all, if you're already frizz prone. This is just my little ole limited perspective. Someone might have a different take on this.