Please help with my "frizz-out"!!

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So today, I tried my first twist-out. One word...:help:

It was a disaster!!! :crybaby:

It is a frizzy mess! I didn't expect it to come out perfectly the first time, but I really didn't expect it to literally blow up. I flat-twisted the front and only two-strand twisted the back...just in case the worst happened, but even the front is a mess! :sad3:

I think it frizzed so badly because I don't have enough hold in the products I'm using. My hair is really soft and doesn't take kindly to styling products "telling it what to do" LOL! I had this problem when my hair was relaxed too. Very few products would "hold" my hair without making it brick hard. My hair would just "suck them right up!" :sad3:

So please tell me, what are you guys using to hold your twist-outs? I used only my leave-in and Eco-styler gel this time and apparently that was not enough! lol! Any and all suggestions are more than welcome! TIA! :help:
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    Hello there :)

    Personally I don't do twist outs because my hair does not agree with it at all. Not only that but I don't like the way it looks on me at all, probably cause my hair is still pretty short.
    But anyways, when I did do twist outs I use Miss Jessie's Curly Meringue on each section and sealed with an oil on the ends. The hold was pretty good frizz was barely there, but like I said before I just didn't like the look on me.

    Hope that helped! :)
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