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Do you wear sunscreen everyday? Makeup and moisturizers all normally provide some sun protection for the face--but what about the rest of the body? Any recommendations for daily-use?

My skin is also really red. I asked the dermatologist about it once, but she only recommended green/yellow makeup, but the problem is more with chest/shoulders/arms than with my face. Would wearing sunscreen daily help minimize the redness?
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  • crimsonshedemoncrimsonshedemon Registered Users Posts: 2,098
    Yes, I wear sunscreen daily (I'm very white and also take medications that cause more sun sensitivity)
    I use CeraVe AM on my face, neck and chest.

    I use body lotion that has sunscreen to protect my arms and legs
    Vaseline Daily Skin Shield
    Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion with sunscreen spf 15
    Lubriderm Daily Moisture with SPF 15 Lotion
    Eucerin Everyday Protection SPF 15 Body Lotion
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    I use Eucerin Everyday Protection face lotion each morning and I really like it. Eucerin has another daily sunscreen for face that helps neutralize redness too. It's called Redness Relief Daily Perfecting lotion (SPF 15). It tinted a little bit green to help neutralize redness, but is just as gentle as the Everyday Protection. Hope that helps!
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    I am extremely pale so I wear sunscreen on any part of my skin that will be exposed and under my makeup every day.

    I have noticed that my skin goes blotchy red when I forget which could be the same thing you have going. Can't see how it would hurt to try a few weeks with the sunscreen every day on the skin that is exposed and see if it fades.
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    I'm pale and wear sunscreen every day. I wear neutrogena ultrasheer on my face and coppertone ultraguard on my body. After looking on the web a bit, these seemed to have pretty good UVB protection for the price point.
    I'm pretty sure that the proper amount of sunscreen is 1/4 tsp for the face and 1/4 tsp for the neck. This is the amount of make up or moisturizer you need to use to get the protection number on the bottle. Most people are not going to use that much make-up. So a person would probably not get the sun protection they think they are getting if they are using make-up only for sun protection.
    I don't know anything about redness.
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