Has anyone tried Pravana?


  • rovergirlrovergirl Registered Users Posts: 22
    Are you talking about the Pravana Perfection Smooth Out treatment? I think they also have a true relaxer.
    I called a salon in my town that does Perfection and talked with the stylist that does the treatment. She said right off the bat that it does not relax. I can wear my hair curly or straight with it.
    That appeals to me - I don't mind my curls - but I'm having a rough time with frizz and I'm getting frustrated.
    The gal told me at most it might weigh my curls down a bit - that would be fine with me b/c I'd like to look a little more wavy than curly (I'm 3b).
    I hope someone else can chime in - I'm seriously thinking about getting the Perfection Smooth Out soon - like within the next two weeks.
  • AphroDivaAphroDiva Registered Users Posts: 183
    A hairstylist friend of mine told me she is now using Pravana on her clients and the love it! She recommended for me to give it a try. I will on my next "retouching". I am so in love with my QOD max that I am a bit nervous about trying another brand.

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