Keratin Express treatment in salon v DIY BKT

I recently purchased the Organix Brazilian Keratin Smoothing treatment, however, I found a living social coupon for a Keratin Express at a salon and bought that as well.

Now I'm wondering, once I get the salon treatment, can I use the Organix treatment to maintain it or perform them back to back?

I have 4a or 4b hair and I'm not sure the first treatment will take. I'd like to use the Organix to get my hair where I'd like it to be, which is of course, frizz free with a looser curl patters.


  • UhhhlaynaUhhhlayna Registered Users Posts: 5
  • BananaMacBananaMac Registered Users Posts: 5
    I've heard of a few people doing that. I've never had a treatment in a salon, I do mine at home using qod products but I'm considering trying the organix treatment next. If you colour your hair though there are a lot of stories about organix turning your hair orange.
  • BananaMacBananaMac Registered Users Posts: 5
    Oh and doing them back to back shouldn't be a problem unless the product irritates your scalp :)
  • UhhhlaynaUhhhlayna Registered Users Posts: 5
    Thanks. I've never done either treatment before and was worried my hair would fall out or something if I used two different treatments a couple weeks apart.

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