When to take a test

curlykristxcurlykristx Posts: 445Registered Users
How long has it taken you ladies to get a positive pregnancy test/or how late have you been on your period before taking one?


  • jessahjessah Posts: 95Registered Users
    With my first it was planned and I took a test the day I as supposed to have my period. It was faint and took longer than usual, but it was positive. Also, if you are 5-7 days late, you should take a test. Hth :)
    Stopped fighting the pregnancy induced waves (9 year battle) and became natural 5/11
    2a/b? fine, low porosity
    co wash- say yes to carrots, strawberries and cream Vo5
    low poo- Lor'eal ever pure
    leave in- burt bees very volumizing watered down
    gel- beautiful curls wavy-curly, LA looks sport
    scrunch and pump works for me

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