Keratin vs. coconut milk

kinkycurlyqtkinkycurlyqt Posts: 35Registered Users
I'm completely clueless on this. I did my first at home keratin treatment a week ago to strengthen my transitioning hair. I used the Brazilian tech keratin deep penetrating conditioning treatment. I kept it in for 30mins with a conditioning cap on. I was a little frightened by the results. I knew that it was going to make my hair more manageable, but I didn't know that it was going to make my hair so...straight(without the use of a blow dryer or flat iron).

I've done a wash and co-wash since then, but the curliness of my natural hair has not completely returned. Is this normal? can using keratin once a month or twice a month permanently loosen your curl? Is a coconut milk dc treatment better at preventing this? will coconut milk strengthen transitioning hair like keratin?

Sorry for the extremely long post. Thanks in advance.


  • Dd_NYDd_NY Posts: 37Registered Users
    So all you did was put that conditioner in your hair with no heat and it straightened it??

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