Teenager losing Hair?

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Okay so I used to have waist legnth, about two years ago, curls that were really thick (yes so now I appreciate them) and then my sister started showing me how to straighten my hair. So anyway I got it chemically straightened and was fine ( by the way it didn't work:protest:) then that summer I used a fine tooth comb on it because it made my hair straighter out of the shower... Bad ideaangry9:So that made my hair to below shoulder legnth and made it really thin. That's when I figured out that I had a problem. So fast forward to june of 2011 and all of a sudden I just start losing a lot of hair in the shower. But it got worse it's been happening since then only now I lose hair a lot. It's really thin and about a half inch below my shoulders whenever I would comb it so much would come with it so for the last few weeks I lightly finger comb it. I'm just worried , but not really stressed, and I would just like to know if there's anyone out there who might have an idea and no I'm not low on protein. I'm almost sixteen by the way. Thanks:angel11:


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    So sorry to hear that your hair has shed so much. At such a young age, this might be the best time to go see the family doctor and get some tests done, but the better route would be to see a dermatologist or trichologist for a few tests to make sure you are healthy and in top physical condition.

    You know, a relaxer can wreak a lot of havoc but eventually it subsides. Finger combing is the best way, in my opinion, to handle fragile/breaking hair, so you are off on a running start.

    Avoid combs, curling irons, blow dryers, and sulfate shampoos right now. You still have a lot of hair to work with so focus on that instead of hair shedding...but if you finger detangle every wash day I'm sure there will be less hair fall.

    This is the best place to get all the resources you need for a healthy hair care routine. I wish you the best of luck
    french/black american 3b/3c/4a hair; fine n crrrrrrly
    'poo~ SheaMoisture C 'n' H (pink label)
    rinse out/leave in conditioner~ Tresemme Moisture,GVP Balm, Suave Shea and Almond
    Deep Con and Detangling~ Mixed Silk,Elasta QP (now with olive oil!)
    Stylers/Oils~ SheaMoisture DTM, Africa's Best Herbal Oil, ,Grapeseed oil/Tresemme Thermal Spray (great for diffusing/heat) all shea oils
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    So I had a similar situation and I'm 17. About a year ago, when I was 16, my hair was really thick and long, probably a little past my bra strap. One day I went to get my hair done and they never rinsed out the sink that they washed hair in. When they washed my hair perm got in and as the months passed, my hair started to break off and thin out as well. Now, my hair isn't that thick as it use to be, but I changed everything in how I took care of my hair. I wash my every week now with natural shampoo and keep it naturally curly everyday. Sometimes I will do a braidout, or I make shirley temple curls. Every two months I get my hair pressed and trimmed. My hair has grown back but now it's in layers. I take a multi-vitamin and Biotin and drink water 24/7. I also try to stay away from the fried foods now. I don't know if my hair will ever be the same but I know it is much healthier so try these steps and I wish the best for you.:laughing6:
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    Hair loss is something usually associated with adults, but that is not the case. Teenage hair loss is becoming more of a problem in today's society as teenagers have a myraid of problems that they are dealing with. Many people do not realize that teenage hair loss is caused by many different factors. Teenagers do not typically have problems with losing their hair. However, there have been plenty of cases that this has occurred. Hair loss in teenagers can happen for several reasons. The first step to remedying teenage hair loss is to discover the cause of the problem.
    Losing your hair can be emotional at any age. However, dealing with hair loss during the already-stressful teenage years can be completely overwhelming. Luckily, most causes of hair loss in teens can be easily remedied.

    1. Teenage hair loss is something that probably can be adverted if some real simple steps are implemented in their lives. One of the most important things is proper diet. This area of their life cannot be stressed enough. Proper nutrition is where it all begins and ends if you want to stop hair loss. Do not style wet hair as it's more prone to stretch and break.

    2. Make sure you are getting enough protein. Hair follicles are composed of protein, vitamins and minerals. Unbalanced diets can cause an increase in hair loss. Make sure that you have enough iron in your diet, particularly if you are a vegetarian.

    3. Limit the use of heated styling tools. Heat can damage the hair and cause hair loss. Avoid or limit the use of hair dryers, flat irons and curling irons. Chemical treatments, such as perms and hair coloring, should be avoided as well.

    4. Try using baby shampoos on your hair. This type of shampoo is very gentle and helps your hair and definitely will not hurt it. Teenagers lover the blow-dryer and if your one of those make sure it's on the lowest setting. The more heat you put on hair the more damage that is possible.

    5. Reduce your stress levels. Excess stress can cause many negative side effects in your body, including weight gain and hair loss. Whether you solve your stress problems through meditation, exercise or another technique, relaxing can help stop teen hair loss.

    6. Style your hair while it is dry because wet hair is more prone to breakage. Brush your hair gently and avoid pulling at it excessively. Avoid hairstyles that restrict the hair, including ponytails and buns. If you feel any pressure placed on your scalp from your hairstyle, loosen it.

    7. Stop heavy styling. Chemical treatments, such as bleaching or perming the hair, can cause excessive hair damage and hair loss. Even pulling your hair back too tightly can cause noticeable loss along the hair line. This is one of the best hair loss treatment.

    8. Eat a well-balanced diet. A diet low in protein or iron can cause hair loss in teens. Teens who have been diagnosed with anemia or have an eating disorder are more prone to hair loss caused by a nutritional deficiency. Make sure you eat foods high in these nutrients, including spinach, fish, lettuce, turkey breast, skinless chicken, eggs, milk, nuts and beans.
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    i think stress is the biggest hair killer, i had lots of stress last year, when i was 17 and i was pulling my hair out, and it thinned really bad, just above my temples where really bad, now a year on and i started taking care of my hair, n got no stress, i dont pull my hair and ive finally got about 2 inches of new growth :)

    my hair: 3b, high porosity, high density and coarse hair (i think i finally figured that all out)
    my hair loves conditioner only styling!
    Oils and my own procuts are my hairs best friend
    my hair goal length is bra strap length when curly.
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    You are very young to be losing your hair. I dont know what is going on in your life, but you may want to try Biotin, it is a vitamin sold at most pharmacies. It is great for hair loss and thinning. If you try this take at least 5000 mg a day. You should notice a difference in a couple of months. Good Luck:blob6:
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    This happen to me too Smh :(
    My middle of my head Is sooo thin and its working it's way to the left side iam only 18!!!

    Iam going to doc soon
    And Iam changing my diet
    And iam hoping this CG metiod helps also
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    This happen to me too Smh :(
    My middle of my head Is sooo thin and its working it's way to the left side iam only 18!!!

    Iam going to doc soon
    And Iam changing my diet
    And iam hoping this CG metiod helps also

    This exact thing is happening to me at the exact same age. Granted my diet is horrible and I'm changing that. CG does help me with hair being dry and more prone to damage which is good.

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