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All right.

I have very thick, very curly hair. And it's natural. We're in the minority, as I suppose most of you know. My curls are very tempermental, and have a complete mind of their own. Sometimes they're tight, almost ringlet-like, and other days they're big and loose. I mean, you don't see shampoo models with our hair. And if you do, I'd be willing to bet it's not natural.

So I need some help. I've tried tons of different products to help control my Medusa-like head of curls, but nothing does exactly what I want. Different cremes and mousses, but my hair still frizzes, making the curls go crazy and look like a big nest. I found L.A. Looks gel holds them in place well on most days, but it leaves me with the classic and hated "crunchy curls." I need something that will keep my curls in place but not get crunchy and hard. Soft, confined curls are the goal!

I've tried looking around, but it seems that so many curly-heads are always trying to straighten their curls, or people that don't have natural curls and have to work toward it. I don't have to use a curl-comb or scrunch, my hair curls by itself whether I want it to or not. But I have no desire to straighten my hair; I love curls, and I just want to be able to handle them.

And like most curly-heads, my hair is extremely dry, expecially in the fall and winter. Any advice for that? I know everyone's hair is different, but I just need some ideas on what to try!


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    First of all to tame your curls you must make sure they are moisturized by deep conditioning.You can try Neutrogena Triple Moisture Deep Recovery Hair Mask for that.Now i actually don't know how curly your hair is for a gel to make things cheaper try eco styler olive oil gel or fantasia ic gel both have soft to medium hold and as a curling cream you can try Beyond The Zone Noodle Head Curling Cream to define your curls and reduce the frizz (it has soft hold).These are my recommendations for you.
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