How do you know whether or not you need protein?

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I have been CG for about two months now. I can't believe I actually stuck with it. The first month my hair felt like boar bristles and it was a tangled mess. I have been doing DT once a week leaving on for 1-8 hours (overnight).

This past week I felt a change. My hair Will actually stay soft the whole day (normally felt crunchy and dry 3 hrs after sotc). I still can't get second day hair but at least in the morning it isn't a dry tangled mess.

With this softness though has come more fly away hair and my curls look limp and stringy. not that it was better before when it was just all frizz, but I thought once I reached this point I would have bouncy & plump curls.

Do I need protein?

I have done the porousity test and some of my hair is smooth and some snags. Can you have two types of hair on your head like curls? I think I am a 3a/3b combo.

Some advice would be greatly appreciated!

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    All hair needs at least some protein, hair IS protein. However, course hair usually needs a lot less and must be careful with it. Medium hair usually tolerates a good balance of moisture and protein, with some medium hair tolerating more, and some tolerating less protein. Fine hair usually loves protein, porous or not. Non-porous hair usually doesn't need much protein while porous hair does need it to fill in the holes which in turn, helps to retain moisture by plugging the holes the moisture escapes through.
    So fine, porous hair can usually do fairly intense PT's often, while non-porous course hair may only need a protein condish every great once in a while.
    Hair that needs protein may be limp, overly soft (too much moisture, not enough protein to balance it out), or it may feel good for a while after washing, but tends to lose moisture over the course of the day (porous hair will lose moisture through the holes).
    If you are iffy on if you need protein, you can try a PT on a small section of hair and see how it reacts. Just make sure to add back moisture after PT's!

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