can you(or anyone) run their fingers through your hair??

I was thinking of this question last night as my husband was running his fingers through my hair. It kinda hurt at times!! :cry: and he was really just lightly doing it, but my hair is too darn sticky in spots! No matter what I use, whether HE set me up gel, BRHG gel, Regis cream or Clairol Condition 3 in 1 mousse, and despite scrunching out the crunch, there are just some stubborn spots where noone's hand can get through!! Is it even possible?

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    First rule of curly hair, don't touch the curls! It creates frizz and separates the curls.
    As for the crispy stuff, I use a conditioner and leave in that's heavy enough and then leave in lots of water when I apply gel so when I scrunch out the crunch my hair is very soft. No cripsy spots at all.
    I still don't touch my curls and don't let others touch them. I used to hairspray my hair before so no one expected to play with my hair then either until I brushed it out at night. Now not even then since a brush never touches my hair (bad for the curls)
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    You can run fingers through my hair, but I would kill anyone that tried. :lol: My BF can play with my curls late at night when i know I won't be going anywhere, but that's it. I think my hair is the most touchable with the 3-in-1 mousse. My hair is almost too soft, I can't stop touching it myself.
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    :shock: :shock: :shock: run fingers in my hair? :shock: :shock: :shock:
    NO. Sorry I don't have that kind of hair where you can just run fingers thru it smoothly! The only time that happends is when I am finger combing it in the shower with loads of conditioner.

    If my husband were to try to put his hands in my hair, he wouldn't make it very far. Plus that would just make for a bad hairday- it would get all frizzy and puffy.
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    :lol: Bailey, force field around that hair huh?
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    I get really soft, touchable curls from [buylink=]Jessicurl Confident Coils[/buylink]. I don't mind my husband touching my hair. In fact, I really like it. I wash my hair every morning, so him touching it at night doesn't do anything bad to my hair.
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    Well they can- if they're extremely careful about running into tangles. But I'd end up with an afro...
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    Yes, I use Jessicurl which gives me very touchable hair that doesn't ruin it if you do. I'm constantly playing w/ my hair during the day.

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    No. I can run my fingers through almost to the end and then I get snagged on a tangle.
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  • curlyjenncurlyjenn Posts: 585Registered Users I don't have that kind of hair. My hair shrinks up to half the length when it's dry and it curls all around on itself until it's almost knotted. Too curly for that, I guess. My husband tries sometimes to run his fingers through my hair, but my hair strands will break before they quit hugging their neighbors!
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    :cry: I love when my boyfriend puts his fingers through my hair, but It's best when I straighten it. (Very rarely.) Matter of fact, when I was younger I had stick straight hair, and loved getting my hair played with then too. Anyway, he doesn't usually play with my hair because it gets messed up and it's always tangled in the back. Oh well.
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    Brio wrote:
    No. I can run my fingers through almost to the end and then I get snagged on a tangle.

    Me, too, unless I don't use anything but a leave-in like [buylink=]Too Shea[/buylink]!, some conditioner or Biosilk Smoothing Balm.
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    Fat chance trying to get fingers through my hair because they would get stuck in my huge web of tangles. :? I can never run my fingers through my hair unless I have my hair completely saturated with conditioner and have just detangled with a comb, but even then you can't really get your fingers through without them getting stuck somewhere. :roll:
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    No. That would pull out the curl and cause tremendous frizz. I slap anybody who dares touch my hair. :wink:
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    only when I straighten it...
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    My DH used to constantly asks to touch my curls but NO WAY!!! HE KNOWS BETTER NOW!!! :lol:
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    I'm 36 and I've been married almost 18 years. This thread made me laugh a bit. I've been thinking that I'm very grateful that my hair wasn't this curly when I was DATING my husband - we were high school sweetearts! Wink wink.
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    My hair is pretty smooth and lately I have used been using a leave in so it is pretty safe to touch my hair. In fact I wish my husband would do it more. :wink:

  • tinabcurlytinabcurly Posts: 545Registered Users
    Nothing gets through my hair when its dry!! My DH got tangled up the first time he tried to put his fingers through it & learned his lesson quick. Now he either "pets" or scrunches.
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    only when wet and caked in conditioner!
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    I can run my finger through my hair until I get to the ends then it gets stuck in tangles.