What is the best, easiest to use DT?

My hair is really dry and frizzy. I am hoping if I start doing DTs I will have less bad hair days.


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    Starting regular DT's was one of the best things I did for my hair. I've been doing them weekly for 9 months now, and even if I skip one week, I see more frizz and feel more dryness. So kudos to you for wanting to start them!

    That said, there's no one DT that fits all hair types. If your hair is fine or medium, you'll need PT's and DT's. If your hair is coarser than medium, like mine is, you might be able to get away with DT's only. I can't help with PT recommendations, as I don't do them for my medium-coarse hair, but I can say for DT's, I love Curl Junkie's Curl Rehab, Jessicurl's Weekly Deep Treatment, and Spiral Solutions Deeply Decadent. (Spiral Solutions' shop has been closed for a few months, but I'm hoping they reopen soon.)

    All three of the above products are online and fairly expensive. I know some curlies use a Shea Moisture product as a DT, though I'm not sure which one. I'm sure more people will chime in. Good luck!
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    The choice of DT also depends on if your hair likes protein or not and *that* can make a big difference to how your hair reactions.

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    I try to stay on top of doing week DTs (and PTs for my fairly fine hair), and I think it makes a big difference. I was slow in fitting in a PT recently, and my hair really protested. Once I realized I'm missed a PT, I did one...Was rewarded with a good hair day.

    One thing that I haven't gotten around to trying yet (but I plan on it) and hear really helps the effectiveness of DTs for many people is applying low heat during the time the treatment's in your hair.

    Also, since I'm still relatively new to all of this, I rotate products to test what works/doesn't. I have some expensive DTs in mind to get and try sometime, but in the meantime, I'm finding that some quick, homemade DTs are working pretty well for me. One that I've used a few times and really like a lot is 1Tbs honey, 1Tbs EVOO, and 1Tbs DC OneC (although I imagine you can probably use another cg-friendly condish) mixed together. I work that through my hair, leave it in for about 30 mins, rinse it out, and my hair is good and conditioned.
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    Thanks so much for your responses!! I think I am going to start with Shea Moisture as it is less expensive and they carry it at Target. Later on I might splurge and try the Curl Junkie one.
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    I forgot to ask 2 important questions---do you apply the DT to wet or damp hair? Do you wash it out?
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    Curlswirl wrote: »
    I forgot to ask 2 important questions---do you apply the DT to wet or damp hair? Do you wash it out?

    I use Shea Moisture dt and love it. What I do is, after I wash my hair I squeeze out alot of the water then put in the dt. Put a plastic cap on and sit outside in the sun(in the summer) or use the hair dryer to warm every thing up. Heat helps the hair absorb the moisture. I leave it in about 30-45 min. I rince all of it out because my hair get weighed down easily. I think some people wash most of it out and leave a little. Just experiment with it and see what works. After, I use a little bit of my leave in and some gel then air dry or defuse.
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    Thanks infojunky! I am going to try what you mentioned.