10 volume peroxide add brassy tones?

martiemartie Registered Users Posts: 5
My hair is naturally a medium/light brown ash, and I have been dying to cover some gray using 20 volume, and getting a lot of orange/warms tones. So I switched to 10 volume, and I am so happy that it is covering the gray (the color I am using is two levels up, dark ash blonde, to just cover the gray without going darker).

My question to you, wise ones, will 10 volume make my hair brassy as did the 20? I have read that 10 volume is deposit-only AND that it can lift up to one level.

Wondering if I need to turn to a demi permanent eventually......


  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Registered Users Posts: 524
    10 volume might actually be able to change your natural pigment depending on porosity and texture, but for most it wouldn't.. curly girls have a higher likelihood.

    Have you considered using an ash tone to counteract the brassiness? Depending on the percentage of grey, you can mix an N (neutral or natural) with an ash tone at the same level (between 25% and 75%). This will actually give you a neutral tone and cover the grey without looking too drab.

    If you want a slightly warm tone, just use the neutral/natural shade.

    good luck!

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