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So I have been dyeing my hair red for like 8 years and wanted a change. We bleached it and the color lifted fairly well. It was still a bit reddish, due I think to the types of dyes I was using. Anyway after that and putting on a light reddish blonde dye my hair is a light sort of yellowy orangey blonde. It's actually not terrible, but I like bright hair color. I think however, that I'd like to try to tone down the orangeyness, while staying blonde. I know colors work opposite, so would I be best off going for a sort of ash blonde for the blue? Would just a straight up blonde over it just emphasize the orangey color? Any help would be appreciated.


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    You've got to be extremely careful when putting ash over blonde.

    Some companies think that to counteract 'red' you must use green. Well this makes sense on the colour wheel, but 'red' hair is actually ORANGE. So to counteract orange you need blue.

    If you use a level (the lightness/darkness) that is too dark for how much brassiness you have, and the 'ash' is green based, you can actually end up with GREEN HAIR.

    I think the light orange shade can be counteracted more safely with a violet/blue shampoo.

    This way you are going to counteract the orange a little at a time with every shampoo and gradually you will find what works for your hair.

    You may only need to use the shampoo every week or you might need it every day, depending on how deep the orange is. It is possible a blue shampoo wont ever work, though, so buying the shampoo at a salon would make sense. Ask a stylist if it is appropriate for you. Though not all hair stylists are good at colour, most will know by looking your hair.

    If they say it's not going to work, then trying a non damaging temporary colour can work really well. Goldwell makes one called Soft Color that is amazing. Find out what level your hair is then get the right level colour to go with it. Ask for help at the salon that sells the product.

    Good luck!

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