Finding a good stylist,how often to trim if growing hair out etc.

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Hi everyone,

If anyone reads this message and has some suggestions I would really appreciate input. I recently (about two to three months ago) decided to grow my hair out and hopefully get rid of the layers. I have a few different problems in trying to accomplish my goal:

1. My hair is layered and is very short now. I let it grow a little (about two months) and it was making some pretty significant progress. The problem is that because of the style it is currently in I need to heat style it. I am trying to let it grow enough so that I can eventually get away from this. The other problem is that the sides of my hair and the bangs tend to grow out fairly fast and give my hair a very messy look. (Faster than the rest of it. )While it is growing out I sometimes like to cut these back so that I can tolerate it while it is growing.
2. I have a beautician I have been seeing for quite some time now. Normally she listens very well, but lately she seems to have been in a rush. I recently went to her to have the sides and bangs trimmed. I only wanted a little off the bangs but a little more off the sides. Before I realized want she was doing she had already cut the front off really short and was moving to the top and toward the back of my hair without even listening to what I was saying. I stopped her before she got any farther, but by that this time she had already cut the front so short that I couldn't really do much with it except let it grow out again.

I am really tired of paying people that hang out their shingle and call themselves professional only to leave feeling like I have been sheered like a sheep. I am also tired of explaining to the point where I have brought in pictures to illustrate what I want, only to have them do what they want and basically ignore what I ask for, or more often simply not understand. I don't want to point fingers, show disrespect. or God forbid make it a racial issue, but I have noticed that general salons that mostly cater to people with straight hair tend to hire people that are generally clueless about very curly hair and/or simply do not understand what their curly haired customers want. Not every curly haired person that walks in the door wants a layered, short, cut. What I really want is someone who really understands my hair. I happen to know someone who lives not far from me that is an african-american woman who also cuts hair. I have thought about going to her several times but I kept trying to work things out with my current hair stylist. After the last cut I decided that I would at least ask her about her experience.
My question: I don't have much experience with anything other than hair stlylists that cut straight hair. I am going to this person because I assume she will have more understanding about curly hair and be generally less scissor happy. Can I expect a difference or will it just be the same issue all over again? Is everyone trained to just chop? I don't really know what to expect, but I am at a point where I am desperate to try. My other question is how much do I really need to trim my hair while it is growing out? I tried just letting it grow for about a year, and it was generally a mess. I think it might need some trimming within a year's time. Also, when I am heat styling, I need some suggestions on best ways to baby it so that I do not get too many split ends.
If any of you out there is a beautician reading this message, please take this to heart. Your curly haired customers want more than just short hair. We also don't want to hear you moan and groan about our hair because it is curly. There is no such thing as "bad hair" only ignorant people. Either you know how to deal with it or you don't. Do us all a favor and admit it if you don't. Stop wasting our time!