good moisturizers?

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I am transitioning from heat damage & I'm trying to find a really good moisturizer for 3c/4a hair.
I am currently using cantu shea butter grow strong mixed with some argan oil to seal in any moisture. I do this everyday! But I am noticing that only the damaged parts of my hair stay moisturized & shiny while my new growth stays really dry. I have tried concentrating everything towards my roots & any natural curls but nothing has been working.
Any advice? I also try deep treatments before washing my hair (no poo) but my curls still dry out :(


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    the same thread is down in the 4a section, fyi if you haven't seen it...

    as for me I also use the Cantu Shea Butter but I use Leave in Conditioner and it works wonders, when I spray my hair with water. It may be the "grow" one your using has to much protein, which can sometimes be too much for natural hair (may make it feel dry/rough) , but relaxed/damage hair sometimes loves with. Dealing w/ two textures can be tough, you may have to use two products to satisfy your hairs new needs.

    Hope this helps, and I hope you find a solution :)
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    Something to keep in mind

    Your Damaged hair has been stripped of its natural protien bonds, its also more porous, cantu shea leave-in is great for that part of your hair.

    Your new growth is not damaged, Its not as porous, and may not like the protien from the cantu leave-in

    Try mixing aloe vera juice+ fave conditioner+ fave oil, I really like Kimmaytubes Leavin recipe check out her youtube channel.

    if your hair is really dry, Check out Qhemet Biologics Burdock Root Butter Cream, The Detangling Ghee, or Amla Olve Oil Heavy cream
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    Cantu shea butter. All day. Errday.
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    @Prototype K

    How long have you been doing this regimen? Having used Cantu products: they dried my hair out even though they worked great at first,and I love shea butter. I also got heat damage but I didn't big chop and now my hair is all pretty much the same texture,but it just took time and the right products. Coconut oil applied when wet to my roots has helped because I used to have the same issue...
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