Henna (TATTOO) with Pictures!!!!

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Ok so I totally understand this has nothing to do with curly hair so don't give me veal about it. Lol

I was thinking of getting henna which is popular in Indian culture a lot of my friends are Indian and I see they have it, but that's not why I want it I think its very pretty and I love Indian culture also I was a adopted my grandmother is Indian and passed away & I want to honor her in some way but my question is should I just get it temporarily or a permanent Benjamin tattoo... What are you guys honest thoughts?

Picture 1. I really love the look its really feminine & pretty

Picture 2. I love the colors :)

Picture 3. I love the design and was thinking of getting that design but was sure of the colors I wanted to use.

Picture 4. I really really LOVE THE LOOK on both sides. =D

Which do you think I should get?


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    Recently cut off 4-6 ins of chemically treated hair.
    My hair is a type 4 with precious little coil definition, and it is off black and almost completely virgin.

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    I just got a henna tattoo last week and I love it. I have lots of regular tats but I love the ability to change things up with henna.
    I think you should get a henna one before deciding on anything permanent.
    As for colors, I have heard bad things about the additives used to make other colors besides the regular orange/brown color so you might want to look into that.
    Of the ones you pictured, I love #4!
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    Thanks so much for your input, and yeah black has some of the same ingredients as gasoline so yea I'll probably just do brown or Orange :) but I do love #4
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    Thanks sweetie