I did my first henna!

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Went to my local Indian store and bought some henna.. I mixed it with lemon and cinnamon.. I let it sit overnight.. my first mistake was not mixing it with water before I put it on.. I almost ran out! The smell was tolerable but started to bother me after about an hour... at hour four I was gagging! Washing it out was a dream.. I rinsed it for about 5min straight, put in conditioner, rinsed again for a few minutes, shampooed, rinsed again. Then the water ran clear... I put conditioner in again and left it for about an hour... I had some herbal tea so I made 3 bags in the microwave then let it cool added some more water.. rinsed my hair again and then poured the tea on it.. I let it sit for 5min... rinsed then no more smell! My hair is so pretty! The shine is amazing... I have some relaxation of the curl... can't wait to post pics! Ok sorry just had to share!...

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    I am new to henna as well and have just done my second treatment last week. You will be amazed at how the colour gets richer and deeper. What I think I love even more than the colour is the condition of my hair! I have fine to medium hair and the henna seems to make it a solid medium texture now, so it feel super strong, and god is it ever shiny :)

    I do not shampoo after henna as I fear that the newly implanted pigments have not had a chance to oxidize into the hair well enough and I'd be losing colour if I shampooed. I do use some conditioner, but only enough to get the comb through and rinse some more.

    I have never used cinnamon in the mixture.. but the mix I use is pre-mixed with amla and other herbs, and I've been loving the results. I also never used tea to rinse.. I never heard about doing this before.. what is it supposed to do? (guessing closing the cuticle??)

    I have yet to post pics.. have seen so many gorgeous curl pics here I'm afraid my hair isn't good enough!
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    Sorry it took a bit to reply.. I have come down with the crud. That is probably why I could not stand the smell of the henna. Today my hair is tamer and my curls are more defined. My hair is getting more red but it has an orange tint (I don't mind). I used the tea to get rid of some of the smell. It totally got rid of it. I'm probably going to do another treatment in a week and I can't wait!

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    Umm can't help asking. what is 'the crud'? Sounds yukky!

    I'll have to try the tea rinse next time- I sprinkled a couple of drops of lavender EO in my palms and smoothed them through my hair when wet and the smell was pretty much taken care of.

    I find the henna smell (when wet) only lasts until the pigments are fully oxidized (about 4-5 days).

    The orange glow is part of the beauty and fades over the month between colorings. The red in the hair does not fade for me, though. Obvious roots as I have lots of grey. Amazing that I can get 100% grey coverage with no damage!!! I love henna!!!!
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    The crud is a "slang term" for being sick... or having whatever nasty virus that is going around..lol..

    I will have to try the lavender next time.. that would smell yummy! Im going to wait a week and see how my hair looks.. I really am considering doing one next week then doing it once a month after that. I thought I didn't have many grays until I did the henna.. there are lovely one strand deep orange highlights throughout my hair ha!...my husband noticed the difference and he never notices my hair... I'm excited to go to work tonight @ the sleep lab to see who notices!

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    Nice when people notice :)

    Don't you just love how it feels in your hair? I wish I'd done it sooner! So many year of damaging, fading, polluting colour... What a waste.

    I've gotten into more natural lifestyle stuff in all areas of my life now thanks to this curl journey. :)
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    I want to henna, what brands did you both use? What gives the best color intensity? Thanks for responding.
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    doing my own thing... the mention of salon's make me :puker:
    Jamila brand HENNA IS MY NEW LOVE! :D
    CO, Elucene brand moisturizing shampoo/ moisturizing conditioners, AVJ/ACV rinses are in my arsenal of staple products. My hair DOES like silicones... Organix Argan Oil is a keeper.

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