Hair loosing bounce after a few hours...

I am finding that my hair looks fantastic when I first do it but then within 3 hours or so it loses its bounce and does not look at good at all. Here is my current routine: Deva Low poo, Deva One C. Then I use a little CK, a little ReCoil, then BRHG. When almost dry I will sometimes put in a little of KCCC. This seems to help me get really chunky curls.

I have tried eliminating CK and adjusting other things but I never get the same look. I get consistently wonderful bouncy chunky curls with this routine but they do not last

I am wondering if there are other products I might try to achieve the same results but ones that last. I would love some suggestions. I was thinking of trying Curl Junkie Coco Lite because it was recommended on my Curl Genie profile but I am not sure. Would love some responses if anyone uses it consistently. Also maybe a good KCCC combo?

My results from Curl Genie profile are: hair texture is fine (but I do have a lot of it), porosity and elasticity are normal.

Thanks so much!


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    Just from one time of using a cream-like product as one of my final steps, I realized that it makes my hair super soft, and I'm losing crunch that way. And my hair seems to fall and get flatter when there's not enough crunch, so I totally get what you are trying to say. You might want to scrunch in a little extra BRHG over everything or add it in halfway through diffusing. Basically, anything to give your hair a little extra crunch so that it holds. If your hair is too soft, it will fall, so sometimes some crunch is good. :)

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    This is my hair at times. I find too much product can weigh it down.

    Try refreshing with some aloe. It tends to reactivate your product and help with frizz. At least for me!
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