Naturals Taking Over Media!

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Have you noticed that in EVERY commercial that all the women of color are natural? There's no more relaxed hair unless it's for a relaxed product.

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  • wavycurlyria_87wavycurlyria_87 Posts: 78Registered Users
    Yes, it's starting to become bigger in the media. It's a good change. :-)
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    Yes, it's starting to become bigger in the media. It's a good change. :-)

    A VERY good change! I've noticed that too and I hope it continues! I know they're just jumping on the popular bandwagon to push products and services, but hopefully FINALLY black women will see that there is NOTHING WRONG WITH THEIR HAIR OR SKIN!! Wish BET would get with the program. Or maybe they HAVE! I don't watch BET. LoL!

    Jen :D

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    I have noticed it, too! I can't say that I've seen a lot of natural hair in movies, but I see tons of curls, coils, and kinks on television shows and commercials. I'm loving it.


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    I have noticed that lately too. It's a good thing IMO. Changing attitudes towards natural women is comforting to me.
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    Did any of you guys catch BGR last night so many hawt naturals! Luved it!
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