Is there other teens in high school that u know are natural??

peaches095peaches095 Posts: 82Registered Users
I don't know any. Most of them wear weave tho.I don't, I get braids and I know ppl with braids but not with them wearing their natural hair

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  • EspacioEspacio Posts: 6Registered Users
    There are 3 girls and quite a few other guys that are natural at my high school :) But sadly everyone else is either relaxed or has a weave.
  • beckydee214beckydee214 Posts: 8Registered Users
    One of my friend's are biracial and weathers her hair in dreads and another friend is muliracial and her hair grows up in an afro. The one with the afro would NEVER put chemicals in her hair, and the one with the dreads had weave before but likes her natural hair better.
  • DarkSkinBeautyDarkSkinBeauty Posts: 11Registered Users
    I was natural in high school.....but it is really hard because of how people think and how other girls have their hair, but if your confident enough you learn how to just deal with it and just flaunt your natural beauty.
  • peaches095peaches095 Posts: 82Registered Users
    I was natural in high school.....but it is really hard because of how people think and how other girls have their hair, but if your confident enough you learn how to just deal with it and just flaunt your natural beauty.

    Ya I don't care. My hair is not wat makes me a person,my personality is. I think ppl should do wateva they want with they're hair..and not care wat other ppl think

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  • AriodanteAriodante Posts: 19Registered Users
    A couple, here and there. One of my friends just started going natural with me.

    But there is this one girl in my grade I really wish would go natural! She has some of the prettiest waves I've ever seen! Whenever she doesn't straighten it (which only happens about twice a year) tons of people ask if she got it done. Girl, if your hair is that gorgeous naturally, why would you ever straighten it?
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  • curlz12345curlz12345 Posts: 16Registered Users
    A lot of people in my school:cheers:
  • curly lockzcurly lockz Posts: 30Registered Users
    i've seen atleast 20-30 in my school, alot of them do braids. Its nice after moving from a school with absolutely no one natural. :)
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  • elenaaelenaa Posts: 190Registered Users
    i have a couple of friends who are natural but theyve been natural all thier lives like me LOL
    i know my sister has friends also who just recently went natural also and i mean the short BC and everything and theyre proud of it!
  • Rockin' A 'FroRockin' A 'Fro Posts: 5Registered Users
    Actually I think I'm the only one in my grade that wears a 'fro. If others r natural, they wear it straight everyday.

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  • Livvydivvy96Livvydivvy96 Posts: 43Registered Users
    I'm black and in 10th grade. Last year I went to a mostly white school and not many black ppl wore their natural hair. This year I'm at a mostly black school, and I see tons of ppl w/ natural hair(:
  • jaybabeex3jaybabeex3 Posts: 192Registered Users
    My two best friends aren't but this girl I use to be bff out with is .. a good amount but not too many are
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  • pandacurlypandacurly Posts: 15Registered Users
    My school has a lot of naturals. I was really surprised when I got to high school because my middle school did not have very many. Most of them use way too much gel and have that crunchy look though.
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  • KeybooKeyboo Posts: 33Registered Users
    Im going natural but all the chicks at my school are not. The guys tho like to show their afo all the time.
    (i go to a mostly white school and alot of chicks think if they put relaxs their would grow and Im like no, u are dumb for believen in that) Im 10th grade and they are in 12th so of couse they not going listen to me
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  • TripleThreatXoXTripleThreatXoX Posts: 35Registered Users
    I'm white but most of the black girls at my school wear a weave or braids or are relaxed. but, my best friend has wild curly gorgeous hair that almost looks like she just did a big chop. soooo cute!
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  • SammySingallySammySingally Posts: 131Registered Users

    Me, 2 girls in my class, 1 in another class. 2 in 9th grade. 1 in 11th. And my bff.
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  • Dee_marieDee_marie Posts: 8Registered Users
    Everyone I know either has a weave or perm. I tried going natural a month ago, but I felt alone so I flat ironed my hair. I'm trying again though. My hair is curly right now. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I'm really not used to it at all.
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  • oovuuoovuu Posts: 22Registered Users
    My one best friend has been natural her entire life. Her curls are so gorgeous.

    My other best friend picked up the CG method and went natural a couple months after I did after she saw what it did for my hair.

    There are tons of people in my school that are natural though, since I got to a highschool of 2000 kids.
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  • LozziiLozzii Posts: 1Registered Users
    I know quite a few in my high school. The majority of the people whom i sit with have naturally curly hair, me included. There is about 8 people in my group of friends who do wear their hair curly quite regularly.

    But it is hard to find those who will just wear it curly instead of straightening it every day. There are at least 2 guys with really curly hair in my year also.
  • favoritecolorblufavoritecolorblu Posts: 287Registered Users
    When I was in high school, I was natural for the last year or so and there was nobody else who was natural. Now all the black girls I know are natural. My best friend who is white even goes natural. I tell her to leave her waves alone and not to brush them out. My other friend is biracial and she's mostly natural (she flatirons from time to time)
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    Ya but she's black and mexican and its hella long its always been,we went to elementary and she's like never straightened it..not too many full black like me,so there's not too many inspirations but there's like 2 others but their hair stays down of.I wear mine in a ponytail b\c it stands up...trying to go natural was a big no no peers we're calling it nappy! I thought my natural friend(she has sister locks) would be happy but she said I'm giving the natural look a bbad name eventhough it was in a ponytail..and when I get it pressed its never 'straight enough' so I give up I just wear it natural in a that we're juniors I don't have any classes with them and I'm soo happy...the naturals at my school are usually mixed or their hair has a looser curl than wear my hair out if it would stay down but I've seen a lot of woman in the street pull it off but they don't have classmates to worry about teasing them

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  • laynesavedthedaylaynesavedtheday Posts: 239Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    the majority of my friends go natural
  • JohariJohari Posts: 673Registered Users
    the majority of my friends go natural

    I can't convince has dreads but she's always had them when we all met in middle school(it was her mom's decision but it looks good now that its longer) 2 other close friends aren't and tell me to flat iron or braid it..once my friend with the longest hair wore her hair natural with a beanie and my bestie critized best does that to me but since it doesn't phase me she stopped but now tries saying 'you'd look so pretty with a weave' I was so offended but I didn't tell her.truth be told she's never even had one so who is she suggesting one?

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  • CurlyCoilyMeCurlyCoilyMe Posts: 130Registered Users
    two - including myself. :)
  • helpmycurlhelpmycurl Posts: 19Registered Users
    i Have been finding that more and more people are going natural in high school. That doesn't necesssarily mean that they are taking better care of their hair though.

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