Frizzy hair! What to do.....

I have been trying to avoid all chemicals by transitioning to my natural hair and using natural products. I use the Shea moisture line (which I love) and it enhances my curls but my hair still tends to get a little frizzy (mostly at the the roots). Could it be that my hair need something else that is not all natural?


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    It could be a lot of things. Build up, need for protein and/or moisture, too much handling, etc.
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    I have the same problem.. Throught out my transition i have been doing alot of twist outs i use shea moisture products as well... For me i feel the humidity has played a big roll in my frizzy hair.

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    Could it be that I need some kind of like cone or something? How do I know if it's protien that my hair is craving?
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    Normally, fine-textured and/or porous hair likes protein. Medium-textured hair likes some protein most of the time, too, but coarse hair usually doesn't like protein. Some people like 'cones to control frizz, but it builds up if you're not using a sulfate shampoo or a low poo with cocamidopropyl or coco betaine. I find 'cones to be sticky, heavy, and gross, but some like to use Amodimethicone when the weather gets humid to control some frizz. I don't think you necessarily have to use 'cones. You might want to wet your hands, rub a little dab of conditioner in between them, and smooth that over your frizz. Do you use gel? I get fluffy/frizzy hair if I don't use gel, too. Also, some people just get frizz there naturally. I think we all have at least a little frizz. I actually don't mind it anymore! I think my hair looks more natural with a little frizz. Sometimes you just have to embrace it and learn to love it! :)
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    I dont use gel but I heard Shea moisture came out with a new gel which I really wanna try :)
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    I would say don't go product-crazy, avoid scrunching if you can when it's still wet, and plop almost-dry using a soft t-shirt then finish drying up in duck clips. That will help immediately, for free. If you're up for dishing out some cash, Mop Top Anti-Frizz Gel is hands-down the best frizz eliminator that I have ever used in my entire life. Even if I don't use other products after showering on a particular day, I ALWAYS use that.
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    I use a great hair product that reduces the frizz and leaves the hair soft, shiny and healthy, it's Pro Naturals Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment with Heat Protector, it strengthens the hair and prevents any damage. I love it. :nemo::happy7:
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    I've been fighting this same problem all summer on the high dew days.. this sounds crazy, but the only thing that is working for me is NO leave-in conditioner, ONLY gel. The spritz & condish method is helping too. So--heavy on the condish first, none at the end. HTH
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