Are DevaCurl products really necessary? Product recs?

Hi got a Devacut today for the first time and am loving it. :hello1:

At the salon my stylist told me that Devacurl is the only product that doesn't have "plastics" in it (and is therefore the best for curly hair). She showed me the lather on her hand while using a low-poo on my hair to show me all of the plastics in my hair.

I can't afford the price for this product line (and I don't like the smell of it). So, my what she is saying true about "plastics" or just a scam to sell product?

Also, based on what I've read on the boards, I was planning on using:

CO wash: Suave naturals conditioner
Conditioner: Tresemme Naturals Moisture Conditioner
Gel: LA Looks Wet Look Gel

Do you guys see any problems with this? Please share your thoughts on this and/or the stylist comments about Devacurl. Thanks!


  • kathymackkathymack Registered Users Posts: 9,999 Curl Neophyte
    Many of us start out with Deva products, think we like them--and then move on to other things. My salon carries Deva and I won't let them use it on my hair! Around here, Deva is a love/hate line.

    That being said, my hair prefers the more natural products from the online, boutique type companies. However, there are a lot of folks who have found other, cheaper products to work for them.
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  • HazelglazeHazelglaze Registered Users Posts: 7
    Thanks Kathymack. It's hard to know what is a good product vs. what a salon is just trying to sell you. I've been burned in the past and Devacurl is expensive!
  • justajesuschickjustajesuschick Registered Users Posts: 1,657 Curl Neophyte
    I have used most of their products and I am now down to just one. i found products that work better
    As Kathy already said, there are LOTS of great products out there that are good for your hair. The secret is finding which work best for you!
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  • rovergirlrovergirl Registered Users Posts: 22
    Try the cheaper products and see if you like the results - I think that's all you can do. I've been CG now since early July - started with Deva conditioner and AnGel.
    Tried VO5 and Suave recently - they might work for me for co-washing - but they don't put enough moisture into my hair even leaving them in (and the scents are REALLY strong - so I don't want to leave them in).

    I tried the Sally's GVP conditioning balm and wasn't keen on the results there either.

    The weather where I live has been a bit nuts the last two weeks as well - I'm sure that is playing into what my hair is doing (currently - frizz at the ends - driving me NUTS).

    I feel like my hair is a big ol' science experiment.
    It looks the best when I put some pureed banana and honey on it and let that set for about an hour under a shower cap, rinse like crazy then put some Deva condish in as a leave in and some AnGel.
    What my hair is trying to tell me with that - I haven't a clue.

    Good luck!
    Try the products - note the results and keep your fingers crossed!
  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Moderators Posts: 10,840 Curl Virtuoso

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    You are beautiful!
  • mhen76mhen76 Registered Users Posts: 813 Curl Neophyte
    I'm not a fan of the Deva products. The smell is a bit too sweet for my liking. But worse for me is the way my hair feels when I use them. My hair is fine and the Deva products leave my hair gunky and producty. The products you listed (Suave, Tresemme and LA Looks) all work much better for me.
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  • OnduleeOndulee Registered Users Posts: 1,306 Curl Connoisseur
    Interesting that Deva stuff gets sort of middle of the road reviews....
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  • gardencurlsgardencurls Registered Users Posts: 573
    It must depend on all kinds of factors in each individual's hair, not to mention climate, dew point, hormones, fragrance sensitivities, etc. I know I've been awestruck by certain Deva products (No-Poo, One Condition, AnGel, Set It Free, Mist-er Right), but others didn't impress me as much,(Heaven in Hair seems to dry out my hair, and B'Leave In doesn't like when I use Coffee-Coco Curl Creme Lite). I think they all smell great, and they make my hair feel soft and refreshed. I like what I have because I need a lot of moisture in my hair these days, as it recovers from silicone heat-shock.

    I have a few Curl Junkie products that I think are excellent, but I don't get the same results from them that I get from Deva. The CJ products I have seem to dry out my hair more, and I wind up with frizz and poofs.
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