CG Thoughts - 1 month in

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I have been CG for a little over a month (with the exception of one 'oops' product that I had to follow up with a clarify). I'm still not sure how I feel about it. I do think my hair gets clean enough, but I get itchy and feel like it needs washed more often. Also, I'm not sure I like all the product in my hair (and my hair requires alot! I usually don't get enough in). Previously, when I would use a flat iron on my hair, I could do some heat protectant and a little hairspray for hold, and I would be good for several days. With CG, my overall time spent on my hair is less on the first day, but the longer dry time means from start to finish is actually longer, and 2nd day is more work. I'm sure I'm not finding that 'perfect' combination for my hair but I just don't have the patience or really the interest in understanding all the fine details (I want an easy button! lol)! As far as my curl goes, I usually love the back and the nice long spirals, but the front has a different curl pattern and I'm not often satisfied with it. The frizzies, especially on the top-most layer, are my biggest enemy!! (FYI... I'm probably a 3b/c)
So in conclusion, I'm going to keep at it for awhile, especially since it is so hot and humid right now and my hair will NOT stay straight for anything! But in the winter months I can typically get it straight and smooth for days at a time. So I will probably adjust by season. Also... this sounds silly, but I have a slightly big nose that I am sensitive about and I think bigger, curlier hair makes me look older and less attractive (even if the hair itself looks good).
On the other hand, I recommended the method to a friend and she is loving it!! Her hair is so cute now.
Thanks to you all!

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