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Hi all! So I am going to need some advice. My boyfriend has made the decision to lose weight. He has had a history of weight gain and weight loss but, early on in his life told me he used to be some sort of "pretty boy"(insert eyeroll) with abs and he used to work out a lot. In college, his weight went out of control due to fastfood, college dining hall, indulging junkfood, and right before he met me, he was in the process of losing weight. Fast forward 3 years later he is back to being very overweight which is not good because for his job he needs to be in the healthiest state possible in case he has to fight for his life. (Law enforcement)

One thing that must change is his diet and eating habits. He eats either big portions or a lot of small portions and he will even eat my food off my plate if I'm not looking (annoying). He will eat in the middle of the night while I sleep. He overstuffs himself on a regular basis but he will keep eating. I am the one who prepares his meals and I need to change what I cook for him. That is where I become kinda clueless. I never really paid attention to calories or fats or sugars when I cooked for myself and I don't have a similar weight loss/gain history as him. He says he used to eat only chicken and fish when he was losing weight. I don't eat fish so that is foreign to me. I know for chicken taking the skin off removes some fat and laying off the butter is a start. I want to support and help him on his journey.

Here come the questions:
What are some more ways to make regular food(spaghetti, lasagne, tacos, etc) more healthy? Does anyone have any or know the best place to find healthy recipes for fish, chicken, and/or beef that taste good? What are some good weight loss activities and how can I help him with his eating habits or just any advice would help? Thanks


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    Sounds like your bf is an overeater or a food addict.. if he's eating in the middle of the night, and sneaking food, eating food off your plate, etc. he is not in control of his appetite.

    However that doesn't mean there's no hope for him. You could try a high protein diet for him like South Beach or the Primal Diet. He will also have to exercise to get the weight off faster, and he will have to do this for life. Once you stop exercising or going back to old eating habits, the weight will come back again.

    As for making regular foods more healthy, add veggies to everything you eat. Half your plate should be veggies, 1/4 carbs (like potatoes or rice), and 1/4 meat. With lasagna for example, you would add more veggies, and cut down the amount of cheese, or use a light ricotta instead of full fat.

    Now you just have to choose which methods you will use to get the weight off.. just eating chicken and fish isn't healthy or a diet you can maintain for life.
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