Hair type\loosening curls

jaybabeex3jaybabeex3 Registered Users Posts: 192
Do you know any way to loosen up curls?
I don't even know my hair type. . Its between 3A-4a who knows but my curls are tight and curly. So idk
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  • TripleThreatXoXTripleThreatXoX Registered Users Posts: 35
    don't do what I did. I only have 3a or 3b hair naturally and I relaxed it in April of 2010 to make it wavy. bad idea.....
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  • peaches095peaches095 Registered Users Posts: 82
    Try and do a rollerset or twistouts/braidouts and just make them to a loose curl then when u take them out, it should be loose. Itll work best with a rollerset cuz they have sizes for if u want a looser curl

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  • jaybabeex3jaybabeex3 Registered Users Posts: 192
    Thanks ladies

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    Sincerly yours,
    Jalissa <3
  • lilmrsmatthewslilmrsmatthews Registered Users Posts: 54
    Henna loosened my curls... but I hear that doesn't work for everyone...

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  • curls7curls7 Registered Users Posts: 18
    I have 3a 3b hair and what works pretty good for me wearing my hair out for the day and letting it air dry... then i like to wet it a little and put conditioner in it. Wear it like that over night with a night cap and all depends how your hair is you'll wake up with wavy hair or bigger curls

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