Balding hair...possible Alopecia?

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For as long as I can remember, I've always had thin (well nearly bald) edges. I always thought it was hereditary because my sister had it too but not nearly as bad. As the years progressed her edges grew in completely and mine still haven't even though I've tried the same methods as she did. I've tried using both emu and castor to grow the hair back and nothing works. I've been doing some research and I've come to the conclusion that I may have Alopecia, which causes the hair to become thin or bald. I haven't been to a dermatologist but I've heard about some people getting steroid shots in the problem areas of their scalps. I do not want to resort to this. Does anyone know of a different type of oil or moisturizer I can try to help promote hair growth. I'm so embarrassed by it because I'm always made fun of for being bald. Help please?!?!


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    My mom and grandma both have thin edges and small bald spots along the hairline. I would avoid tension in that area untill this year when I let a stylist braid ALL my hair for a sew in. A HORRIBLE MISTAKE that lead to tension/traction alopecia. I went to a dematologist to make sure it wasn't permanent and it's not. I do recommend going to a doctor to make sure the folicle is not damaged. If not.....use oil/conditioner, gently massage the area and take a good multi vitamin daily. I have had the fastest hair growth in the affected area and it's getting thicker. Patience, patience, will take a while before you see a difference....maybe months.
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    I've been dealing with hair loss for the last 10 yrs or so caused by lupus and the medications I use.
    Lots of questions-
    What type of hair do you have?

    When you examine the hair, is it breakage or do you see a small white root at the end.

    Is the hair breaking off or is there a root on the end of it?

    Could it be traction alopecia which is caused by prolonged, tightly pulled hairstyles?
    If you braid, have a weave/extensions, wear tight ponytails, anything that pulls the hair, that will make your hair break/fall out.
    If any of this applies, you need to immediately stop.

    Can you go to the doctor to get a check up?

    You need to have blood work to make sure your hormones and vitamin levels are normal. Plus bloodwork to test for inflammation, infection, etc.

    Make sure your diet is sound. You need adequate protein, iron, b vitamins, vitamin c-- a well rounded diet.
    Supplement with a quality fish oil and add Biotin 5000mcg.

    Things to try-
    stimulating scalp massage using oils that have hair health benefits.
    Essential Oils for Healthy Hair Growth & Helping Hair Loss

    If the hair has fallen out from the root, Rogaine 5% once a day. This stuff works! I use it daily and the difference in my hair is unbelievable. My stylist, who opposed Rogaine, was super impressed and is now telling everyone about it.
    The 5% is the men's dose and the 2.5% is the women's. However, my derm said I could use the 5% once a day which is easier for me.

    Use a silk/satin pillowcase so your hair doesn't pull or a satin bonnet

    Be sure to treat your hair with tlc. Condition daily, use protein as needed. Don't flat iron, perm, relax, bleach, etc

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