recommendations please!

would like to purchase or make:
a cone free humectant and anti-humectant!! I do not wish to go into a salon or order online, it would be nice if I could make this or purchase from walmart or shoppers or healthfood store

I have thin, weak damaged hair that is THIRSTY!!! but grows with humidity and dries out very easily.

it would be a bonus if such products were cheap too!!

Thanks CG's!!!
recovering from a chemically straightened nightmare!!
Going back to my roots (literally!) CG since Aug 2011
Fine, Thin, damaged, very porous, some elasticity.
Cleanse:no poo
Condish: one condition
Style: Angel, B'leave in
DT:Heaven in Hair!
Spritz and Condish!!
MY NEW HG: FSG and bent root clips with HESMEU hairspray flexible hold

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