Annoying hairline

I have short wispy "baby" hair all along my hair line and at the nape of my neck. They are finer than the rest and much shorter than the rest of my hair - 1 to 2 inches long when my shortest layer is chin length.

It's annoying because when I pull my hair striaght back, these stick out - acutally more like stick up and have a medusa look. And there's more of this type of hair on both sides of the center so I can't part my hair off-center without making this look more prominent. So I'm stuck always having a center part. Which is fine when I have my hair down but I don't like the look with the center part when I pull my hair back. :(

Is there any way to help this hair grow?
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  • CurlyCanadian11CurlyCanadian11 Posts: 125Registered Users
    I dont think there is a way to make it grow faster, you may just want to look at a cone free pomade to smooth the little hairs down into place, a headband or scarf, little clips that are same colour as ur hair wont be noticable....or some hairspray
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  • jessahjessah Posts: 95Registered Users
    I've had the same annoying hair line my whole life, and now I see it in my older daughter. I think those hairs just don't grow very long. Kind of annoying when they decide to get curly after I tried flattening them and I end up with "horns". Good luck! :)
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  • FmasuhrFmasuhr Posts: 1,354Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    i got that as well, it is really annoying but i just try to do my hair so that everything else covers it n no one can see it, then ill spray a bit of hair spray on it takes awhile but then ya cant see em :)

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  • Robin-in-FLRobin-in-FL Posts: 1,731Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I don't think it will grow longer, it's not breaking off, that's just how long it grows, right? Like eyebrows or something.

    I know people with this and one called it her "bangs", a natural fringe. So attitude helps a lot.

    If they get long enough to sort of part and smooth to one side instead of up toward the sky or down toward your eyes, that might help the look when you are styling. If they curl up it's probably a lot cuter than you think!
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  • OrigamiGirlOrigamiGirl Posts: 9Registered Users
    If they curl up it's probably a lot cuter than you think!

    This! I have the wispy tight baby curls all around my hairline and sometimes they bug me but my boyfriend loves it. He thinks it is the cutest thing lol.
  • MidisurfMidisurf Posts: 88Registered Users
    I used to get them too but not anymore might be because I changed stylist
    - Nate

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