Doesn't appreciate the curl!!!

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So, This just frustrates me...... About 7-8 months ago, my niece had a baby- she's biracial, as our my girls. One of my daughters has 4a hair and another mostly 3c fine hair, still another I think 4a-3c mix. All IMO are beautiful. When her baby was first born she (and her mother) said- "we are hoping she has hair like A,(my 3c daughter)." Of course they said "X (4a) had beautiful hair too," blah,blah,blah... Lol... I got over that, no biggie, I love my daughters hair and so does she....there's more.
Couple of months later I was talking with my sister-in-law, and I said, " looks like the baby's curls are coming out in a couple of pics!" then she said that the mom always combs her hair straight after baths.... I didn't say anything cuz we aren't that close. But now the baby is 8 months old and every picture I see her, her hair has been combed straight!!!! What is so wrong with curly hair???? I've had three daughters- I was actually excited to see what type of hair they have- it's all so beautiful and unique to everyone!! combing it isn't gonna work after a while.....
Okay thanks for listening, I will get off of my soapbox!!!!!!


  • SwirlySkaiSwirlySkai Registered Users Posts: 40
    Don't take offense , I'm just trying to put pieces together... Did she want a biracial baby to get hair like that? Or maybe she wanted her baby's hair too look better than your daughter's ? I just know some women do that. Do you think that's the case?

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