Protein for hair or no?

Ok I had a post about how y hair seems to be gettig realy limp and losing A LOT of curl drfinition and getting more frizzy, and how I thought this was due to the humidity of summer. During winter it seems thicker and curlier.

Anways This topic is because I haven't had any luck and I'll add a few more symptoms of my problem. And I have a question. Btw Im an african american/caucasian male and I dont use commercial products because I like to be natural. I use regular shampoo and condiioner but not styling products. My hair seems to be getting finer, or I guess frizzier. And on each side of my head, near the front, the hair is pretty much completely straight, other hair on my head is slightly curly, and another part is very curly.( ya you can imagine how frustrating it is to style) anyways I was wondering if my problems really have to do with the humidity as of late? I thought hair gets curlier in humidity? Well mine gets straighter apparently. Is it because my hair justs get staighter with any wetness? (which is how it seems). And my other question is because my hair seems limp, finer, weaker, too soft, etc. is it in need of protein or do I have too much? I shampoo/condition about once a week. If my hair has too little protein, what natural treatments can I use to help this? And I'd like homeade products/ingredients please, NO products store bought products because I like to be as natural as possible. Thank you.


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    Also Ill add pics later
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    Sounds like you could use a protein treatment. Try mixing up some mayo, an egg, and some olive oil and then putting it on your hair for some time. Then follow it up with a deep condition. This should help.

    You can also use plain yogurt to PT.
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