Frequency of hairwashing for 4b hair?

Hi. I've just started the CG method for my 5-year-old daughter and it wasn't clear to me how often I should cowash her hair.

Also, should I be continuing to condition/moisturize her hair each night and morning?

Thanks for your advice.


  • BrettyUBrettyU Registered Users Posts: 930
    It's hard to give an exact frequency since each head of hair is different. Let her hair dictate how often. If it starts feeling heavy, gummy, too oily or her scalp smells less than fresh co-wash. As far as remoisturizing, pay attention to it if it feels rough or dry apply more product. In my opinion a nightly spiritzing of a little water before putting it up works well and maybe a little of your favorite oil or butter every other day or two.

    I typically cowash my son's hair once a week. When it's convenient I might water rinse his hair mid week and add a little more conditioner especially if he got something in his hair or was running around outside/sweating a lot. His hair tends to stay pretty moisturized just spritzing his hair with a little water every night before bed, and every other night or so I'll add a little coconut oil to his ends and to the front section of his hair (it tends to be the driest and most brittle). If I oil more than that his hair just looks greasy and dull he's got really fine hair while my hair I've got to oil it every night or it feels like straw.

    I really hope this helps. Just pay attention to how her hair behaves and experiment.
  • KonjoMorettaKonjoMoretta Registered Users Posts: 2
    THank you so much -- it is a big help!

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