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elenaaelenaa Registered Users Posts: 190
so today im going to go to this lady that usually does my moms hair
and she wanted to try it on my sister but my mom decided to try it on me

ive read that this treatment doesnt make your hair pin-straight right?
so how long should this last? what should i expect after?
i have thick 3c/alittle4a curls
so the lady just told me to come in so she can see my hair first and then she'll decide on how much she needs to buy. (she does this at her house btw)

i just want to know what products would be safe to use
and formayldehide (probally spelt wrong)? what are the side effects of using certain products? anything would help really im prepared to go in there and ask alot of questions

thanks guys


  • CraftyKellCraftyKell Registered Users Posts: 78
    Formaldehyde is a suspected carcinogen. The Brazilian Blowout was banned in Canada. Be sure to ask her what percentage of formaldehyde her keratin treatment includes, if any. I too am considering this treatment.
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  • elenaaelenaa Registered Users Posts: 190
    she told me it has alittle but not very much she said its called marcia textiera however you spell it, is this a good brand?
  • elenaaelenaa Registered Users Posts: 190
    so i did the treatment my hair is very soft but its exactly like any other straighter i would do and the results is that my hair is still poofy and no totally straight also its still frizzes up it just looks like ijust blowdried my hair honestly.. idk how this is supposed to turn out? but its not what i expected
    plus my hair is extremely thick does anyone know what i have to do to make it more straight??
  • BananaMacBananaMac Registered Users Posts: 5
    A few people have found their first application hasn't been as effective as subsequent ones. Having said that I've not spoken to anyone using that specific brand (I'm sure I've seen the name floating about the forum though). Have you tried searching the forum?
  • keratin4ukeratin4u Registered Users Posts: 31
    Hi Everyone

    We just released a new retail line of keratin treatment. KeraPremium is safe to use at home 100% formaldehyde and aldehyde free.
    We will be featured as well on SkyMall magazine.
    Any questions let us know.
  • elenaaelenaa Registered Users Posts: 190
    Banana: acutally i think i had to wait alittle while.. even tho i had to blow dry some of it almost everyday it got alot straighter and then when i washed it and redid the blowdry/straighten its 10 times straight now and even softer so i guess i wasnt patient enough L O L . & yeah i look around the forum i saw people did it twice just to keep it down but im way to scared to do it twice since i dnt want to totally loose my curly you know?

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