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Original Moxie Volumizing Spray

capellifelicicapellifelici Posts: 26Registered Users
Hey guys! I ended up trying out the Original Moxie Volumizing Spray for my super fine 3a hair, and I have to say that overall I'm impressed.

-good volume boost w/o heat activation
-smells good; not like cherry candy like it says, but more like cinnamon
-a little goes a long way
-OM salespeople have excellent service and are the nicest people ever! The owner included a personal note in my order.
-you get to support a wonderful environmentally and socially ethical small bizz that genuinely cares about your hair!

-very difficult at first to gauge how much to use; the first time I used it, I didn't use enough and my hair was just the same as always. The second time, I used too much and my hair was just weighed down. I eventually discovered that 2 squirts is just right.
-don't squirt it into your hair like the bottle says to, you'll end up needing too much. Just squirt it into your hands and work it through.
-also don't scrunch your hair like the bottle says to. the first time I did, and ended up with frizz city all day! Awful! Just gently work it through your hair and you should be fine.
-Before I tried OMVS, I had used duck clips to dry my hair up on my head for extra volume. I tried not using them with the OMVS to see if it would work as well w/o them, but it didn't. Definitely even with the OMVS it helps to use duckclips.
-how much you get for the price. I found a coupon online, so all told w/ shipping it was $19.55, which in my mind is quite pricey for 4oz, even for an environmentally and socially ethical small bizz.

Overall I'd probably give it 4 out of 5 stars. It was a good buy; when I run out I'll definitely buy it again now that I know how to use it and how much of it to use, I just wish that it were cheaper.
-->3a/some 2c underneath; long, fine (porosity?); plop, no heat, CG since 07/11<--
Day 1: NoPoo, One Condition, KCKT, Mop Lift, Recoil, AnGel
Day 2: Mister Right
Day 3: Mister Right/KC Gloss Pomade for the frizzies
Days 4/5/6: repeat Days 1/2/3
Day 7: LowPoo, Suave ES

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