Black Friday Challenge

Hi curly people,

For the past few weeks my product junkie has been in high gear and my will power has been hiding under the porch. So I am issuing myself a Black Friday Challenge. That is, no hair product purchases until Black Friday (the day after Thanksgiving.)

I'm building in a loophole: if I use something up, I can replace it, either with the same thing or with something of the same basic function. Also, stuff like a hair dryer or silk pillowcase, etc. are exempt. :cat:

Anyone who is interested, feel free to join me.

This Week:
LOOB, Garnier Pure Clean gel, Deva Set it Free

-1 Alba Mango Shampoo, returned.

"Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without." - Unknown

"Nonsense." - Product Junkie
Fine/medium, low porosity, curly

Cones, fates and bens used in moderation

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