How can i get my curls back from over straightening? PLZ HELP!

I have very curly hair. I began straightening my hair in the seventh grade and stopped once i entered tenth...which was all too late. My hair is curly but not the pretty perfect curls they were before.
This is what my curls used to be...which was in seventh grade....

This is what it looks like now...and this was over the summer....

I use deep conditioner, and i use bedhead and back to the basics, and i use pantene mousse for curly hair which defines the curl alittle. But i want more. Any help!!! What should i do to get the best of my curls back. I hate that i straightened my hair so dont realize what you have until it is gone. :angry1:


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    I can't see the pics, you posted local links.
    - Nate

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    Well from your description (since I can't see the pictures) I would say you've got a lot of heat damage. You can try doing protein treatments occasionally to see if your hair will curl again, but there's no guarantee. There's always trimming the damaged hair over time and leaving heat alone until your hair is back to health.

    Or you can BC, and start fresh.
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    You should also keep in mind that it's very possible that in those years that you were straightening your hair, your hair properties may have changed and it simply may not be as curly as it use to be, because of hormones, diet, etc.

    If it's just damage, give it some intensive TLC (if you have fine hair or are not protein sensitive, give it some protein treatments, followed by deep moisture treatments). Does your hair feel brittle, dry, mushy with droopy curls? There are so many reasons why your curls could not be curling like they did when you were in 7th grade (sorry, I think that's the grade you said).

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    it sounds like you might have heat damage :(

    the only real cure for that is to chop and start over (or transition out of heat damage, buy cutting a little off as your hair grows and not using heat during or after)

    I'm sorry :(
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    coilynapp wrote: »
    it sounds like you might have heat damage :(

    the only real cure for that is to chop and start over (or transition out of heat damage, buy cutting a little off as your hair grows and not using heat during or after)

    I'm sorry :(

    +1 -- only if you chemically straightened it or flat iron.... otherwise, i'd still get a good cut to start.
    you may not want to chop, but i'd start off with a cut as short as you can handle it. then keep deep conditioning, etc.
    i don't know what products you are using, but just because it is labeled for curly hair, does not make it cg, many of them still have sulfates and silicones. you mentioned pantene mousse, i don't know the ingredients, but i don't believe pantene has any true cg products.
    if you are trying to start with a clean slate for new hair coming in, i'd make sure the products are really cg.
    this time will pass, and your new hair will grow in. buy scarves, headbands, clips, whatever accessories you can to help you let the damaged hair grow out.
    we're here to help you!

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