"You Should Really Get A Perm"

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Alright, so I needed a trim and found this little hair salon not too far from my house to use. Since I never straighten my hair and I only get trims twice a year I don't mind having to get my hair straightened for them to do it, so I wasn't trying to take all day finding a salon to go to.

Anyways, I get to the salon and the woman who's going to do my hair starts shampooing. Just to fill you all in, my hair is like three different textures (the same story for a lot of you I'm sure); the top/crown is finer with looser curls, the middle is a little thicker with tighter coils, and the back/sides are extremely coarse and kinky. So when my hairdresser starts blow drying my hair she's talking about how porous it is and how it holds heat, and then she asked me if I have any chemicals in it. I told her no. She asked if I had any dyes or relaxers (because I guess I obviously couldn't have understood her the first time) and I said no.

So then she goes, "Okay. Well, you should really get a relaxer. When you decide to get a relaxer, you should just get them to texturize the back so that it'll be more fine and better behaved like the top of your head."

I looked at this chick like she'd lost her mind. First of all, how are you gonna ASSUME that I'm going to get a perm anyway? And secondly...what kinda bum advice is that?! Why would anyone in their right mind want to walk around with a half processed head of hair? And thirdly...ooh, I was just done with her. How rude.

I'm sure there are much more "shameful" acts than this one, but I just had to vent. The rudeness...THE RUDENESS. Lol.
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    What's the salon address? I always wanted to do the Terminator I'll be back scene with the car. :pirat:
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    I had a similar incident at a hair salon. I am from Brooklyn, NY and I went to a local hair salon to get a full head sew in weave done (I wear weaves as a protective style since I am going natural ) and when the stylist finished washing my hair she asks me - you don't get perms? When I reply no she says why? Are you goin natural? I answer yes and she again says why with a sort of disgusted look on her face. I didn't even respond I just sat there offended, but even when she finished she looks at me and says : the next time you come back here because you will come back because I'm going to be your hair stylist, I'm going to perm your hair u don't have to perm the whole head but at least a portion to leave out. Why do you wanna go natural anyway ?
    I can't understand why most salon stylists always want to encourage a perm and I find it very very offensive so I am anti-salon now I do my own hair thanks to the tips I get from this forum and YouTube tutorials :-)
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    I get that a lot at salons too.
    "Your hair is very curly. (I have wavy hair, some days its almost straight, there's people with wayyyy curlier hair). You should get a straightening perm. Your hair will look much better"
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    omg, the number of times I've heard this phrase.

    I'm a half-black hairstylist and I always encourage the people who come to me with natural curly hair. Especially when they bring small children with heads of gorgeous curls.

    I can't stand stylists that only know how to work with one type of hair and/or are stuck admiring one standard of beauty.
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    Oh some stylist can be so rude! I remember going to a place that they insisted i should get a perm or chemically straightened. Obviously I never went back.. haha. I just recently went to one that I love now. The stylist was raving about my hair and complimenting how lovely it was that i kept it curly and that I took care of it :)
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    I feel for you, girl...my mom had a similar experience at a Dominican salon about 6 years ago. She was trying to go natural but this lady made a *****y comment about the texture of her hair. My mother went back to the creamy crack after that.

    I'm still relaxed, but I've decided to go natural. I'm sick of relaxers and the cost and the upkeep. I feel that relaxing my hair has destroyed it.

    Your hair is gorgeous. She was probably just jealous.

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