Sides won't grow!

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I have been natural for 2 months. The top of my head is growing but my sides aren't. It has hair to cover my scalp but it's not growing like my top. When I was transitioning I had tight braids in. I don't know if that damaged my both of my sides, but it's annoying because the top of my head is big and fluffy and the sides are thin. I use a product called Africa's best... Please help! I'm afraid it will be like this forever!


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    I understand your pain when I bc'd looked like I had a fade but had no hair. But with vitamins, jamaican black castor oil with 1 drop of rosemary oil with a baby brush got me with full sides. Also visa-cal hair vitamin and organic root stimulator for bald spots helps also.
    You'll b fine if u could c my pics youd b encouraged you'll b ok patience my friend...

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    Thank you! I use organic root stimulator hair fertilizer. I put it on before I go to sleep and in the morning. I noticed it made my sides a little thick.. I see some progress :)
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    And I started using doo gro mega thick hair vitalizer. It doesn't make my hair too greasy and it keeps it from being dry.