hair one hair cleanser for curly hair

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i picked this up at sally's the other day and this is my second time using it..i have to wash my hair often almost daily cause im still trying to find what works for me...none the less i think my hair hates oils so im a strictly conditioner or pure oils but anywho have any of you curlies tried this product???
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    Hello there!

    About a few weeks ago I got Hair One for Dry hair because while my hair is curly it is more dry then anything and I like to handle the dryness first. The first time I tried it, it left my hair extremely dry, but clean. (lol) I couldn't understand why at first since I followed the directions word by word, but since I spent $10 on it I figured I would try it one more time. So the next time I tried it I used only a few pumps and wouldn't you know it worked like a charm.

    Now as for the Hair One for Curly, I brought a packet of that for a dollar at Sally's but have yet to try it however I suppose it'll be just like the dry formula and I'll have to find the right number of pumps that will work for your hair.

    All and all I think it's a good product, but I can definitely do without the smell. Way too strong for my tastes.
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    Yeah, I tried it once.. nothing too amazing.. like, it's good, but nothing that I HAVE to have.I agree with Niktorious, it doesn't smell that great either.