Hi i want curly hair from the roots help anyone?

Hi Im robyn im new,

my nicknames roo or curlyroo as in curlysue but switched anyway, ive recently got my curl back, i straightened my hair from the ages 10-18 because i was bullied for having curly hair when no-one else in my classes did, i had it curly once and after a girl grabbed a fistful of my long hair (down to my waist) and pulled it back so i hit my head on a metal bar. i never had it curly again after that. but now i want my hair natural again and its grown alot i cut it up to my shoulders which was short for me and now its very super curly but it hasnt gone back to being curly at the roots and id like some suggestion on how to get it back that way, any help? also try this
1 egg, 2 table spoons of mayo and 1 teaspoon on vinegar mix together apply to dry hair and cover with shower cap or plastic bag leave for 45 mins and rinse with cool water then condition :D it really works!!!

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