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HELP HELP HELP!!!!! I need to know what is the best styling product to help frizz. I'm picky when it comes to styling products. I hate when my hair feels super crunchy. My hair is healthy its just I control the frizz.
Please give me ideas


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    Hello there. I find gels work well for taming frizz. My favorite gel-like product for definition and combatting frizz is Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (KCCC), but I've heard others also rave about EcoStyler gel, IC Fantasia, and other non-alcohol based gels. It works best for me to rake it gently through my hair a section at a time while damp (not soaking wet) with a bit of leave-in conditioner underneath.

    Another natural product that works well for me is straight Aloe Vera Gel (AVG). I tend to use it more for updos when smoothing the area along the sides and back of the updo, setting it by tying a scarf over it for a few minutes while I get dressed, or in a pinch I use a boar bristle brush.

    I can definitely say I've learned to embrace my frizz and let it work in my favor, especially when it's hot and humid. I figure, I really don't have to fight it! Fuzzy is pretty too.
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    maybe a curl cream would be your best friend, i have three different ones, moroccan intense curl cream, fizz and definition curl cream and a curl boost. i put it in when my hairs still a bit damp not soaking wet and let it air dry then style my hair :) works great for me

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    I started using the kinky-curly line and I'm in love. My curls have never been so defined and the frizz is almost gone