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hi all curlies i m new to cg & my hair looks puffy frizzy , dry also some sections refuse to curl no matter what i did (years of flat ironning ) ,my question is if my hair wil be more defined and curlier if i used a diffuser or its just for the volume coz i have enaugh volume that my hair looks like a fat pyramid also the drying doesnt bother me soooo help before i spend money


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    Diffusing can help with encouraging heat damaged ends to curl. If you don't want more volume just diffuse the ends only by scruching them up into the diffuser bowl just enough to get the ends to set into more of a curl then air dry the rest of your hair. I had to do this until I cut the last of my straight heat damaged ends off.
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    For me diffusing is a must, my hair is just too fine to overcome the weight of water and products to curl up to its full potential without help. I use the "pixie curl" (I think that is what they named it) method that can be found in here somewhere. I also have a lovely "ring" of hair around my head that has very little curl to it, and requires more coaxing (often times pin-curls in spots). I was flat ironing for decades myself but I can't really say if the diffusing helped encourage curling of the damaged ends in particular, since it encourages my curls regardless of their condition.

    Hope this helps some, in the end I guess it can't hurt to try and see.

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    Yep the diffuser is a MUST styling aide for my 2c/3a hair!
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    Diffusers aren't THAT bad, I think as long as you dry your hair on the lowest temperature setting your hair should be fine ^.^ and also don't dry it the whole way
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    thnx curlies for ur help i baught conair diffuser from sallys , i ll post the results when i try it ,hope it works
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    I have to use a diffuser or I have curls with no volume. I am not a fan of flat hair on me. I think the key to improving your hair is time & care. The damaged hair will have to grow out but it can be replaced with healthy hair. I diffuse everytime I do my hair and it isn't damaged. I don't use sulfates or silicones and use more natural products. My hair has gotten curlier since I found this forum. It is healthier & I now know what products work best for me. Unfortunately there really isn't a quick way to figure that out. You have to invest the time & some money to find what works best. Kathymack still does samples. It is a great & inexpensive way to try a variety of things without investing in a full container b

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